We’re rebuilding healthcare for the next generation.

Who We Are

Citizen Health is a public benefit organization rebuilding healthcare for the next generation. Our passionate community believes healthcare could and should be better.

We’re capitalizing on the growing trends toward free market medicine, the rise of Direct Patient Care, and the frustration people face from confusing medical bills & rising premiums. Utilizing the latest advances in blockchain technologies, wearables, and machine learning, we’re solving core problems to reinvent the way healthcare services are offered and purchased.

Built by a team of startup founders, PhD researchers, doctors, and experienced hospital/insurance executives, Citizen Health is cultivating intelligent networks of people who understand both sides of the healthcare equation and have the experience to bring fundamental innovation to the complex medical system.

Our vision is to build a global health economy where every man, woman, and child will have optimal health and affordable care regardless of social status, economic position, or medical condition. We’re taking control of our health to create a prosperous future for ourselves, our children, and future generations.”

What We’re Building


The operating system for health & wellness that incentivizes people to pursue healthy lifestyles with the help of wearable technology.

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An open & transparent marketplace where healthcare buyers & sellers transact directly in a free market economy without insurance intermediaries.

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Digital Assets

Our decentralized health economy is built on the Ethereum blockchain with incentive tokens, security tokens, and health service tokens.

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Work with us!!

Together, we can fix healthcare. Let’s join forces and build something to benefit humanity for generations to come.

Work with us!!

Together, we can build something to benefit humanity for generations to come.