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The Citizen Health Ecosystem

Using first principles thinking, we’ve deconstructed our medical industrial complex down to the fundamentals and determined what components are essential for rebuilding healthcare with aligned incentives.

The components we’ve selected interact with each other in a way that creates a “Health Economy as a Service” for countries. Especially for developing countries with inadequate healthcare infrastructure, our ecosystem provides a plug-and-play approach that only requires smartphones and the internet.

Everything we do is designed to remove as many intermediaries as possible from the healthcare equation so costs can come down and quality can go up.

More importantly, we’re building a system that will save lives. We believe the foundations we’re building with Citizen Health will enable us to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by 2050. With our advancements in computing power, nanotechnology, biotechnology, omic research, and CRISPR, we’re building a future where this is possible.

Medit Protocol

This protocol powers Citizen Health enabling the economy to align incentives for health optimization and to democratize the decisions of the community.

Backed by our Proof of Health algorithm, the Medit Protocol creates a unit of value called Medit, which is intrinsically tied to the health of humanity.

The other component is our Community Governance, which is a voting and decision-making system taking the best qualities from liquid democracy and futarchy to create equity in healthcare.

Humantiv OS

Citizen Health is powered by Humantiv OS and the Medit Protocol. In conjunction, these two layers create a “plug-and-play” economic framework for countries wanting to make healthcare more affordable and to optimize the health of their citizens.

All components of this layer work together to provide a place of economic transactions for the benefit of health & wellness.

App Layer

To interact with Citizen Health, users can download Humantiv from the Android or Apple app stores. Here you can build a complete holistic view of your health with medical record imports, data connections from popular health wearables, genomic, and microbiomic data.

This layer is also open to developers of digital health, wellness, & fitness apps and services. Medit is used as the API and rewards token to grow mass network effects with aligned community incentives.

The Humantiv App

To become a member of Citizen Health, users can download Humantiv from the Android or Apple app stores (coming summer 2018!). Our app will help you build a complete holistic view of your health with medical record imports, data connections from popular health wearables, genomic, and microbiomic data. Secured with biometrics and cryptography, Humantiv is core to the new health economy we’re building.

Data Sources

We import data from 30+ sources to give our members a unified history of their health.

Earn Medit

We pay you to do healthy things. Go take a walk, take the stairs, get some sleep — get rewarded for pursuing health.

Personal Health Record

Own your data. Use your data. Profit from your data.

Health Journeys

We’ll guide you along your health journey of choice and optimize every step.

Dual Token System

We’ve built the Medit & Medex tokens as cryptoeconomic instruments designed for the generation, organization, and optimization of health value. Backed by our Proof of Health algorithm, these new financial assets are intrinsically tied to the health of humanity.

  • Medit
  • Medex

Incentive Token

The Medit is the utility token that facilitates the entry and exit points of the Citizen Health marketplace.

Token Specifications

MDT is an upgradeable ERC20 token on the public Ethereum blockchain.

Incentive System

Medit is rewarded to users accomplishing various objectives and metrics throughout the ecosystem.

User-Driven Supply

Generated by our Proof of Health algorithm, Medit tokens are generated from a user’s activity.

Derivative Asset

Designed to increase in value, MDX holders can vote, propose, and receive earnings from the collective.

Token Specifications

MDX is an ERC20 security token representing an equity share in Citizen Health.

Staking System

In conjunction with our Personal Health Asset, MDX is used to stabilize MDT within the network.

Fixed Supply

Only 10B MDX tokens will be generated. Purchase yours today to be a part in redesigning healthcare.

The Team

Brennen Hodge
Brennen Hodge

Brennen Hodge

Founder, Architect

Brennen is a 4-time startup CEO with a passion for exponential technology, cryptoeconomics, and increasing the health & wealth of humanity. He believes that the power of the people is greater than the people in power.

James Cunningham, Ph.D.

James Cunningham, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Blockchain Design

James is a research software engineer with a Ph.D. in information systems. With 12 years of experience in health informatics research, his current interests lie in exploring cryptoeconomic solutions to the underlying problems of population health and healthcare research.


Megan Janas

Co-founder, Digital Health Strategy

Megan is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of Textra Healthcare and SkyHigh Health. A graduate of Arizona State, she holds a BS degree in Global Management, Marketing, and CI. Megan has over 10 years of digital strategy, research and mobile expertise to guide patients in their health & wellness.


Nabyl Bennouri

Co-founder, Software Architecture

Nabyl is an innovator, entrepreneur, and engineer with 18 years designing and building software for IC design simulation, implantable medical devices, and automotive sensors. He is the cofounder of a wearable and mobile health startup with several patents for his inventions including personalizing health.


John Chamberlain

Direct Care Design

John is a Direct Primary Care Advocate who is designing our “Health as a Service” subscription model for primary and specialty care physicians. His extensive background includes being a former hospital CEO and healthcare product manufacturer.

Grace Cordovano

Grace Cordovano, PhD

Ambassador, Patient Advocacy

Grace is the owner of a leading patient advocacy organization. Her mission is to bring empathy, guidance, care options, and coordination to both patients and caregivers in healthcare.

Dan Lynch, D.O.

Dr. Dan Lynch, DO

Advisor, Healthcare

Dan is an Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Resident Physician at A.T. Still University. He is overseeing the direction of our healthcare initiatives and open source EMR development.


Benjamin Maisano

Advisor, Technology

Ben is a technology leader in consumer and enterprise software that has spent most of his career in healthcare, education, and financial industries.Most recently he has been CTO, architecting a health platform connecting schools, families, and pediatrics with a unified health record.

Savva Kerdemelidis

Savva Kerdemelidis

Advisor, Legal & Crowdsourcing

Savva is a commercial/IP/IT legal adviser with more than 12 years’ experience advising technology and software companies in the UK, EU, US, New Zealand and Australia. He is the Founder of Crowd Funded Cures, a non-profit organisation dedicated to crowdfunding clinical trials for therapies that lack adequate incentives.

Conner Gunn

Conner Gunn

Advisor, Employer Benefits

Conner’s background in advising employers on health & wellness benefits, along with his passion for nutrition and exercise science, puts him in an excellent position to design a system that employees & employers love.

Grady Kaiser, DO, MS

Dr. Grady Kaiser, DO, MS

Advisor, Healthcare

With an extensive educational background including multiple Master’s degrees in sciences, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, and a passion for helping people get healthier, Grady has big ideas for our health & wellness initiatives.

Ross Arroyo

Ross Arroyo

Advisor, User Experience

Currently CEO of arroyoDev, Ross is a seasoned entrepreneur that knows how to solve problems. His experiences include building EHR workflows for struggling physicians, iPad applications for the elderly, and open source work with a disaster relief organization called Crisis Cleanup.

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