Proving your intent to the masses is not easy.

Someone has to trust us. Will you?

The past week has been an interesting experiment in human behavior. Enter our company, Citizen Health with a new app, Humantiv; an app designed to link to your wearable that rewards you for sleep, steps, and your daily activity. It’s just that simple.

Designed with blockchain technology and game theory, this app has been the hopes and dreams of a team that has come together over years of research, expertise, and promise.

Can we build a gateway to better health, healthcare and wellness by rewarding people and thus create a brand new health economy?

We enthusiastically say “Yes!”

That’s our “Think Different.” That’s the Steve Jobs moment.

It’s a moonshot initiative that is absolutely crazy. We know this.

Our team likes this picture. It is SpaceX’s reusable rocket boosters returning to earth. It proves to us that anything is possible. Reusable rockets are crazy. They were once thought impossible. Nothing is impossible if you have the team, the heart and the will to make it happen. This is proof.

We are walking that same path, for health and healthcare. Someone has to. And the way to do this is with blockchain tech and new business models.

We have a lot to prove, and we have been actively promoting Humantiv on Twitter. When you open up your platform, you invite it all in. People are very skeptical of us, our intent and what our underlying motives are. This is to be expected, especially for the times in which we live. Trust is hard to find, yet it is not dead.

We need a leader to step up and light the path to a better tomorrow in data ownership, security and trust. These concepts are part of decentralization, yet it might not seem that way, as a swirl of hype and scam has surrounded blockchain companies. That’s why we need a leader: And Citizen Health will gladly lead.

Our core beliefs need to be stated. You need to know what we stand for so that you can feel good about engaging with us and being an active participant in our ecosystem. A healthy economy only works when people trust it enough to engage with it, network into it and bring others to it. When benefits are too good to keep to yourself, that’s when we will know we have done something right.

In the coming weeks, we will release more about us. This includes a Health Bill of Rights, a Data Bill of Rights and other guidelines designed to steer our emerging organization. Think of this as a series of what we stand for. We will tell you everything you want to know. If you have questions, ask. If you want to help shape these guidelines, comment here in our forum or on Slack.

Citizen Health Core?Beliefs:
  1. Your data is your data. You should own it, and decide how that data is shared, with whom or at all.
  2. If you choose to share your data, you should be compensated for sharing it. We are working on this and will have an upcoming release in which you earn Medit for your sharing of data.
  3. The data that is collected from you should easy to discern, be organized for you and held securely on the blockchain.
  4. The data that Citizen Health produces on your behalf should be medical grade quality. You should have confidence in the accuracy of the data. And that data should be trusted by medical professionals. We will be perfecting our algorithms continuously to ensure their quality.
  5. Trust, Transparency, and Security are the principles we build Citizen Health upon. You should never doubt our intent; we want to help you.
  6. We are solution and results-based. You should be able to find solutions, accomplish goals and tasks, discover help, live a more connected health life and feel secure about your health and health care decisions.
  7. Community and Networks are the keys to living in a healthier, kinder and connected society. We value humanity, connections, neighborhoods, local, global and societal initiatives. As we grow, expect Citizen Health to touch all parts of the world.
  8. All people are deserving of health and healthcare. It is a basic human right. We can end suffering, poverty and dire need. We can provide resources for all, and improve the ways we live.
  9. Charity and giving are the secrets to living. Give, generously.
  10. Citizen Health is an organization of the people, for the people. It will evolve, strengthen and grow as a living organization. The future of Citizen Health is entrusted to all citizens and their diverse needs. Together, it is our responsibility to work to better ourselves, striving always to do what is right, good, necessary and true.

We ask you to come join our organization. It starts with the Humantiv App: Register for our beta here at earn $200 in Medit!

Be a beta tester. You earn Medit for participating. You get to try one of the first blockchain technologies designed for mainstream use and built for health and healthcare. That is our equivalent of a reusable rocket! Get excited about this. It’s a big deal!

If you want to become involved with us from an investment standpoint, you can learn more about plans for health and healthcare here on StartEngine: Citizen Health Reg CF Campaign

It’s simple. Link your wearable. Get rewarded. Keep your data. Change health. Change healthcare. If that sounds great, you just took the first step into something designed just for you. Citizen Health is built on your trust.