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Citizen Health, a public benefit organization rebuilding healthcare for the next generation through blockchain technologies, wearables, and machine learning, has entered an agreement to list security tokens on OpenFinance Network (OFN), the trading platform for tokenized securities.

OFN serves a global network of investors across various securities offerings types, including Regulation D and Regulation S, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF, and has established a number of key partnerships throughout the crypto and blockchain industries.

“The status quo isn’t cutting it in healthcare. Doctors are burning out and patients are going bankrupt dealing with health insurance. There is a better way, and we at Citizen Health are building it. Citizen Health is powered by a combination of 4 crypto assets, our health & wellness operating system called Humantiv OS, and our decentralized marketplace called Medoplex. These developments work in conjunction to create a new health economy, owned and controlled by the people,” explains Citizen Health Founder & CEO Brennen Hodge. “Incremental changes will not solve this massive problem. We must start fresh with a new economic model. Tokenizing our company’s equity and partnering with OpenFinance is a bold step forward to do that.”

The OFN platform is now live. Sign up to join the network today:

For more information on the OFN, visit or stay updated with OpenFinance Network’s communications:



About Citizen Health

Citizen Health is a community of people from around the world building a decentralized free market healthcare system with a focus on proactive health & individual empowerment. Citizen Health is developing multiple software & hardware products to power both sides of the marketplace, helping employers & families save on health expenses while also eliminating doctors? EHR/insurance frustrations. Citizen Health is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. The company is using Polymath’s Security Token Standard Protocol to issue security tokens that represent the company’s equity.

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