We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our Humantiv Open Source Projects!

Last Thursday, we hosted a webinar to introduce our first initiatives. We will work with cutting-edge technology and build new software?for doctors and the patients they serve. That means we need a little of everyone. Yes, we need all the usual suspects; designers, developers, data scientists, engineers, project managers, GitHub?enthusiasts, iOS and Android people -but! We also need; patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, advocates, health professionals, startups, non-profits, social influencers, teachers, researches, fitness people, health coaches… we need YOU. Think of this more as a collaboration of people coming together from all walks of life to generate health and healthcare products and services we need. We hope you will join in and get involved. If you have questions or want to join in, please email us at: [email protected]

Here is the Humantiv Webinar from last Thursday:


Additionally, we listed many sources in this webinar. We have included them here from your convenience.

Citizen Health Website

Citizen Health Forum (coming soon)

Citizen Health Slack Channel

Citizen Health Open Source Github

Citizen Health Open Source Initiative Slide Deck


GoInvo OpenSource Healthcare

GoInvo; Open Source Journal Issue 1

JMIR Publications: Blockchain for Healthcare and Biomedical Science

Scalable and Accurate Deep Learning With Electronic Health Records

Standard Health Record

We encourage you to join in! All are Welcome! Check our Forum and here on the Citizen Health Website to keep up with us.

See you in Github, the Forum and upcoming Webinars!