You probably have heard a lot about blockchain, but what is it? How does it work? How can it be used for healthcare? How can it be used in everyday life? What is a Secure Token Offering? Let?s learn more about the next era of technology, investing and tying all these concepts together.

Don?t miss this fundamental HealthTalk on blockchain!

Join us on Thursday, October 11th, at 3:00 pm CT for Citizen HealthTalk #13!

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Questions to consider for Thursday:

1. Really, what is blockchain? How does this technology work? What are it?s use cases and when we apply it to healthcare- what does that mean?

Part one of this talk will answer some basic questions about blockchain and technology. If you have wanted to know more about it, this is the time to join in.

2.?Next, let?s look at Secure Token Offerings, STO?s. What are Secure Token Offerings and how will they define the next era of investment and securities?

Part two will focus on the era of investment in blockchain and STO?s.

3. Now, let?s bring it all together in the creation of a Health Economy. What is our vision and what do we want to do?

The theme will center around the long-term plans of building a Health Economy that orbits around blockchain. It?s a bold approach to lasting healthcare solutions.

4. What can you do to become a ?node? in the network? What will be the roles of physicians in this new Health Economy? What will be the benefits?

Bring your questions and get ready for a lively chat!

Blockchain Resources

To learn more about Blockchain, check out some of our resources:

  1. Daniel Jeffries; Author, Speaker, and Futurist;?Daniel Jeffries
  2. Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott;?The Blockchain Revolution
  3. Vivek Chauhan;?A living list of blockchain resources
  4. Alexander Lange;?Selected resources on Bitcoin, Blockchain & Decentralization

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