Announcing Humantiv Open Source Projects!

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our Humantiv Open Source Projects!

Last Thursday, we hosted a webinar to introduce our first initiatives. We will work with cutting-edge technology and build new software?for doctors and the patients they serve. That means we need a little of everyone. Yes, we need all the usual suspects; designers, developers, data scientists, engineers, project managers, GitHub?enthusiasts, iOS and Android people -but! We also need; patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, advocates, health professionals, startups, non-profits, social influencers, teachers, researches, fitness people, health coaches… we need YOU. Think of this more as a collaboration of people coming together from all walks of life to generate health and healthcare products and services we need. We hope you will join in and get involved. If you have questions or want to join in, please email us at: [email protected]

Here is the Humantiv Webinar from last Thursday:


Additionally, we listed many sources in this webinar. We have included them here from your convenience.

Citizen Health Website

Citizen Health Forum (coming soon)

Citizen Health Slack Channel

Citizen Health Open Source Github

Citizen Health Open Source Initiative Slide Deck


GoInvo OpenSource Healthcare

GoInvo; Open Source Journal Issue 1

JMIR Publications: Blockchain for Healthcare and Biomedical Science

Scalable and Accurate Deep Learning With Electronic Health Records

Standard Health Record

We encourage you to join in! All are Welcome! Check our Forum and here on the Citizen Health Website to keep up with us.

See you in Github, the Forum and upcoming Webinars!

Blockchain and Secure Token Offerings; The Next Era in Assets and Securities


You probably have heard a lot about blockchain, but what is it? How does it work? How can it be used for healthcare? How can it be used in everyday life? What is a Secure Token Offering? Let?s learn more about the next era of technology, investing and tying all these concepts together.

Don?t miss this fundamental HealthTalk on blockchain!

Join us on Thursday, October 11th, at 3:00 pm CT for Citizen HealthTalk #13!

Register Here:Citizen HealthTalk #13


Questions to consider for Thursday:

1. Really, what is blockchain? How does this technology work? What are it?s use cases and when we apply it to healthcare- what does that mean?

Part one of this talk will answer some basic questions about blockchain and technology. If you have wanted to know more about it, this is the time to join in.

2.?Next, let?s look at Secure Token Offerings, STO?s. What are Secure Token Offerings and how will they define the next era of investment and securities?

Part two will focus on the era of investment in blockchain and STO?s.

3. Now, let?s bring it all together in the creation of a Health Economy. What is our vision and what do we want to do?

The theme will center around the long-term plans of building a Health Economy that orbits around blockchain. It?s a bold approach to lasting healthcare solutions.

4. What can you do to become a ?node? in the network? What will be the roles of physicians in this new Health Economy? What will be the benefits?

Bring your questions and get ready for a lively chat!

Blockchain Resources

To learn more about Blockchain, check out some of our resources:

  1. Daniel Jeffries; Author, Speaker, and Futurist;?Daniel Jeffries
  2. Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott;?The Blockchain Revolution
  3. Vivek Chauhan;?A living list of blockchain resources
  4. Alexander Lange;?Selected resources on Bitcoin, Blockchain & Decentralization

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Citizen HealthTalks; Changing healthcare for the?future.

What’s a Health Score?

by Megan Janas; Citizen Health Co-founder and Digital Health Strategist

Health Scores are upcoming in popularity, as a way to engage a person to gain more insight on their overall health. What is a Health Score? How is it measured? What could it mean for healthcare, doctors and in general your health and wellness?

Join us Thursday, September 27th at 4:00pm CT for Citizen HealthTalk #12 on Health Scores.

Register Here: Citizen HealthTalk #12

Think about these questions and give us your take on how Health Scores might change health, wellness and healthcare.

  1. What is the need for Health Scores in our healthcare system? How could these scores possibly affect the way a person engages with their health?
  2. How could doctors use these scores to help their patients in their overall care? Could these scores lead to preventative care or lessening of chronic conditions?
  3. How can we motivate people to think more conscientiously about their health? Behavior change is hard, but can a Medit incentive be the answer? Would you accept Medit as a payment for health services? Would you want to buy healthcare and other items with Medit?
  4. What can we do to reassure doctors and patients that the data generated is meant for their health only? We seek to safeguard data and we pledge to work for people, never nefariously. What could we do to gain trust in both the medical community and the general public?

Why should we engage more with our?health?

Would you like to make something more of your health? Maybe you just want to track metrics about your physical activity. Maybe you want to prevent chronic illness. Maybe your goal is longevity. Perhaps it is somewhat of a combination. It seems everyone has different reasons for wanting to stay or remain healthy. But health is somewhat elusive. It can be with us one day and begin to fail on us the next. Would you agree with the statement that we probably don?t think much about our health until it starts to fail? And then we panic. We want it back, now. We want vitality, youth, stamina. We want the healthiest version of us! A handful might return to health. Sadly, most will not regain it. Relegated to adjusting to new lifestyles, treatments or medicines- we slip into our new normal. Physical health ailments take a toll on us, our mental health, our loved ones. All too often, illness can engulf entire families.

Our epidemic rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity only make our goals of being healthy that much more difficult to attain. According to recent statistics, roughly 133 million Americans have at least one chronic condition. If trends continue, our healthcare expenditures will rise to $4.3 Trillion dollars by 2023.

We need either a culture shift, a national initiative, or something BIG to seismically shift the way we think about our health and wellness. Genetics, lifestyle, habits, your zip code- all play a part in determining your health and your lifespan. But what if we could transform this? What if we could transcend some of the things that otherwise might afflict us?

It might be possible if we engage, invest and otherwise have more metrics circulating around our health. It starts with a Health Score.

The Health?Score

With the introduction of wearable devices and smartphones, Apple Health Kit and other health-focused digital tools, we are closer to our health than ever before. We can know more about our health daily than in any time in history. We have the science and the technology to get a baseline snapshot of what our health looks like in metrics. We have actionable information that can reveal a lot about our heart, steps, sleep and the overall activity we are producing.

But what do we do with these metrics? How do we know we are getting enough exercise or that we are in good to excellent health? What if we need to improve our heart rate, or activity to prevent a chronic condition? We need to take these metrics and generate more data with them. We need a Health Score.

There are over 18 products or services that utilize a Health Score. Backed by algorithms, the score crunches your health data to produce a number. Typically, the higher number, the better you are doing in terms of engaging with your health.

Here at Citizen Health, we believe that a Health Score should be perfected to the point of medical-grade quality and tailored to your individual needs. If you already have a chronic condition, the score should adjust to you and consider how to best keep you healthy. Our goal is simple: Produce accurate Health Scores that can be reliably shared with your doctor. We want to work to that level of trust and help each person live healthier.

The outcome, we believe will foster more preventative care and thus reduce the enormous costs associated with catastrophic and chronic care we have today.

Pokemon Pikachu plush toy in claw machine? by Melvina Mak on Unsplash

Gamification of?Health

Gamification is a concept that entices us to be incentivized for something. Just as you would receive coins, points or something of value in a video game for competing- we can borrow gamification and apply it to our own lives. Our wearables and smartphones are all the hardware we need to make this possible. The activity, steps and sleep we ?complete?, we can be rewarded for those healthy activities. Not only will we be generating data that compiles into a Health Score, but when we remain in optimal levels; we unlock the value of that activity and are incentivized for it.

If we think about the Pokemon Go craze, that began in 2015 and still holds popularity today; this was one way to get us up, walking around, encouraging us to move and taking more steps. What you received were more Pokemon characters. That may be fun, but try trading those characters in to pay for your medical bills.

This is where we get serious about how valuable your activity is. It is worth something. Citizen Health will give you Medit. That Medit will be used to pay for your healthcare and wellness needs. It?s a practical and sustainable answer to healthcare cost in the 21st Century.

We need to offset the high costs of healthcare. The Medit that you generate daily can help you do this. It is time to take things like your movement, daily exercise, your choice to take the stairs, or walk to work; and assign them value. Why not earn for these activities?

The Future of the Health?Score

We have a fundamental road map for how we will evolve the Health Score. Beyond just our wearable metrics, we will look at many other data points, including blood pressure, glucose, oxygen saturation levels, genetics, and even into social determinants of health. Don?t be worried, this data is yours alone to help you make informed decisions, improve upon and best manage your health. Share this data with whom you trust. We pledge to be your data ally, working for you, and never to do harm.

Therefore, let?s begin to engage with our health, taking our daily activity metrics and generating Health Scores. Let?s use this data to the greatest capacity; maintaining our health and keeping our health. Health Scores are just the beginning to unlocking value and granting us the gift of health.

?people holding hands? by rawpixel on?Unsplash

We also are beta testing our Humantiv App: The App that turns your activity to Medit. Want to test it? Get an exclusive invite right here: Humantiv App


Humantiv. Health Score App. Accessed September 22, 2018.

National Health Council. Chronic Disease. Accessed September 22, 2018.

Wikipedia. Health Score. Products Using Health Score. Accessed September 22, 2018.

Announcement: Citizen Health Is Latest Partner to Join the OpenFinance Network

Citizen Health, a public benefit organization rebuilding healthcare for the next generation through blockchain technologies, wearables, and machine learning, has entered an agreement to list security tokens on OpenFinance Network (OFN), the trading platform for tokenized securities.

OFN serves a global network of investors across various securities offerings types, including Regulation D and Regulation S, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF, and has established a number of key partnerships throughout the crypto and blockchain industries.

?The status quo isn?t cutting it in healthcare. Doctors are burning out and patients are going bankrupt dealing with health insurance. There is a better way, and we at Citizen Health are building it. Citizen Health is powered by a combination of 4 crypto assets, our health & wellness operating system called Humantiv OS, and our decentralized marketplace called Medoplex. These developments work in conjunction to create a new health economy, owned and controlled by the people,? explains Citizen Health Founder & CEO Brennen Hodge. Incremental changes will not solve this massive problem. We must start fresh with a new economic model. Tokenizing our company?s equity and partnering with OpenFinance is a bold step forward to do that.

The OFN platform is now live. Sign up to join the network today?

For more information on the OFN, visit? stay updated with OpenFinance Network?s communications:



For more information on the Citizen Health, see their website? stay updated with our social networks:




About Citizen Health

Citizen Health is a community of people from around the world building a decentralized free market healthcare system with a focus on proactive health & individual empowerment. Citizen Health is developing multiple software & hardware products to power both sides of the marketplace, helping employers & families save on health expenses while also eliminating doctors? EHR/insurance frustrations. Citizen Health is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. The company is using Polymath?s Security Token Standard Protocol to issue security tokens that represent the company?s equity.

This article originally published on Medium.

All People Are Deserving of Health and Healthcare. It is a Basic Human Right.

Proving your intent to the masses is not easy.

Someone has to trust us. Will you?

The past week has been an interesting experiment in human behavior. Enter our company, Citizen Health with a new app, Humantiv; an app designed to link to your wearable that rewards you for sleep, steps, and your daily activity. It’s just that simple.

Designed with blockchain technology and game theory, this app has been the hopes and dreams of a team that has come together over years of research, expertise, and promise.

Can we build a gateway to better health, healthcare and wellness by rewarding people and thus create a brand new health economy?

We enthusiastically say “Yes!”

That’s our “Think Different.” That’s the Steve Jobs moment.

It’s a moonshot initiative that is absolutely crazy. We know this.

Our team likes this picture. It is SpaceX’s reusable rocket boosters returning to earth. It proves to us that anything is possible. Reusable rockets are crazy. They were once thought impossible. Nothing is impossible if you have the team, the heart and the will to make it happen. This is proof.

We are walking that same path, for health and healthcare. Someone has to. And the way to do this is with blockchain tech and new business models.

We have a lot to prove, and we have been actively promoting Humantiv on Twitter. When you open up your platform, you invite it all in. People are very skeptical of us, our intent and what our underlying motives are. This is to be expected, especially for the times in which we live. Trust is hard to find, yet it is not dead.

We need a leader to step up and light the path to a better tomorrow in data ownership, security and trust. These concepts are part of decentralization, yet it might not seem that way, as a swirl of hype and scam has surrounded blockchain companies. That’s why we need a leader: And Citizen Health will gladly lead.

Our core beliefs need to be stated. You need to know what we stand for so that you can feel good about engaging with us and being an active participant in our ecosystem. A healthy economy only works when people trust it enough to engage with it, network into it and bring others to it. When benefits are too good to keep to yourself, that’s when we will know we have done something right.

In the coming weeks, we will release more about us. This includes a Health Bill of Rights, a Data Bill of Rights and other guidelines designed to steer our emerging organization. Think of this as a series of what we stand for. We will tell you everything you want to know. If you have questions, ask. If you want to help shape these guidelines, comment here in our forum or on Slack.

Citizen Health Core?Beliefs:
  1. Your data is your data. You should own it, and decide how that data is shared, with whom or at all.
  2. If you choose to share your data, you should be compensated for sharing it. We are working on this and will have an upcoming release in which you earn Medit for your sharing of data.
  3. The data that is collected from you should easy to discern, be organized for you and held securely on the blockchain.
  4. The data that Citizen Health produces on your behalf should be medical grade quality. You should have confidence in the accuracy of the data. And that data should be trusted by medical professionals. We will be perfecting our algorithms continuously to ensure their quality.
  5. Trust, Transparency, and Security are the principles we build Citizen Health upon. You should never doubt our intent; we want to help you.
  6. We are solution and results-based. You should be able to find solutions, accomplish goals and tasks, discover help, live a more connected health life and feel secure about your health and health care decisions.
  7. Community and Networks are the keys to living in a healthier, kinder and connected society. We value humanity, connections, neighborhoods, local, global and societal initiatives. As we grow, expect Citizen Health to touch all parts of the world.
  8. All people are deserving of health and healthcare. It is a basic human right. We can end suffering, poverty and dire need. We can provide resources for all, and improve the ways we live.
  9. Charity and giving are the secrets to living. Give, generously.
  10. Citizen Health is an organization of the people, for the people. It will evolve, strengthen and grow as a living organization. The future of Citizen Health is entrusted to all citizens and their diverse needs. Together, it is our responsibility to work to better ourselves, striving always to do what is right, good, necessary and true.

We ask you to come join our organization. It starts with the Humantiv App: Register for our beta here at earn $200 in Medit!

Be a beta tester. You earn Medit for participating. You get to try one of the first blockchain technologies designed for mainstream use and built for health and healthcare. That is our equivalent of a reusable rocket! Get excited about this. It’s a big deal!

If you want to become involved with us from an investment standpoint, you can learn more about plans for health and healthcare here on StartEngine: Citizen Health Reg CF Campaign

It’s simple. Link your wearable. Get rewarded. Keep your data. Change health. Change healthcare. If that sounds great, you just took the first step into something designed just for you. Citizen Health is built on your trust.

Humantiv’s Public Beta

We’re launching the public beta for Humantiv on August 15th in the Apple & Android app stores.

Pre-register here to earn $200 in Medit!

Citizen Health Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Citizen Health has launched our Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offering on the platform StartEngine. Thanks to the Jobs Act, created in 2012, Reg CF has allowed everyone to invest in organizations, up to $1.07 million, without the need to be an accredited investor. This creates more opportunities for everyday investors to get in on the lucrative deals previously inaccessible because of accreditation status or geography.

A Reg CF offering also aligns with the Citizen Health values of diversity, equity, and inclusion to enable a decentralized healthcare system, for the people, by the people. We are pleased to be able to bring affordable healthcare plans, a state-of-the art health App and more to all citizens who need more comprehensive health services.

View the Reg CF offering on StartEngine, click here: Citizen Health

Meet Brennen Hodge, the Founder of Citizen Health. Watch this short video to learn more about our ambitions:

What is the Citizen Health Model?

Citizen Health is like a building, a storied model that has been designed to address all aspects of healthcare. Each floor is designed to work together for complete healthcare reform. Our ecosystem is dynamic and has been designed to reshape the healthcare industry, reduce costs and improve life and health for everyone.

The Citizen Health Ecosystem:

What is important about this model is that it is complete. Let?s break down some of the most innovative parts:

Our first app, Humantiv, allows you to earn Medit, so that now you can unlock value for the activity you do every day. That?s like earning rewards at a favorite store, only now the Medit can be used for your healthcare, health and wellness needs.

Humantiv collects data from your wearable trackers and other devices. Time to break out your Fitbit again, it just got a lot more valuable and shortly will have reimbursed you for using it!

Data Transparency: It?s your data, and you get to tell us what we do with it. If you want to share it, you give us permission and we give you Medit for your data. If you don?t want to participate, no problem.

Health Plans: We have two types of healthcare plans. One allows you to subscribe to a primary care doctor directly, and the other is peer to peer assurance model to cover all of your catastrophic care needs. It?s the best of everything.

For Technical People: We will have an open source API. You can develop with us and make things with our code.

And that?s just the beginning! We have so much more coming including Medoplex, a decentralized health & wellness marketplace, an Alexa app, a new type of Health Savings Account and other plans that will help you live and be healthy like never before. This is a new era of health, backed with connectivity, communication, and technology.

Here?s a sneak peek of our App. It?s called Humantiv. (Hu-MAN-tiv). This is the core operating system for Citizen Health:

Why we chose StartEngine to help us:

StartEngine is one of the few crowdfunding platforms that has been preparing for Reg CF offerings from blockchain companies. In order for Citizen Health to be listed on StartEngine, we had to file Form C with the SEC to offer a Reg CF Title III funding round. We are only going to pursue compliant and secure offerings as this protects both our organization and the people who invest in Citizen Health.

The future of Citizen Health:

This initial offering allows Citizen Health to expand and grow. We will use the Reg CF funds to build our company, add features to our software and pursue partnerships with doctors, non-profits, health systems and others. We anticipate a Reg D offering in August of 2018 and a Reg A+ offering later this year. For a timeline of events and more of our plans, please view our offering on StartEngine:

Disclaimer: This blog post is for marketing purposes only. Do not invest in Citizen Health if you cannot afford to do so. Any investment in a new company is risky and investors should be prepared to lose their investment. For a comprehensive disclaimer please click here: