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Crowdsourcing wearables, citizen reports, & testing data to crush the COVID-19 curve

Connect • Share • Save Lives

How It Works

Participate in the largest citizen science initiative ever by
contributing anonymous data to help beat COVID-19.


Update Your Health Status

Quickly answer a few COVID-19 questions about testing & symptoms.

Connect a Wearable

Wearable data will help us predict the spread and containment of COVID-19.

Log Your Movement

COVIDx logs your movement just like Google Maps & Waze so you can be notified of positive test results in your vicinity.
Launching soon

Why This Matters

COVID-19 is the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. Our friends & family are dying prematurely. Hospitals are overloaded, and frontline clinicians lack sufficient protective equipment.

Either we can continue playing defense, or we can go on the offensive and destroy the coronavirus.

As citizens of humanity, we’re not waiting for governments to take the lead. Millions of scientists, developers, clinicians, and concerned people are joining collective forces to crush our shared enemy.

Your Participation Will Save Lives

By doing your part, we can activate the power of the crowd to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Your data is anonymously & securely shared with a network of scientists, epidemiologists, and clinicians who are actively working to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Every day we delay, more people die. Help us crush the COVID-19 curve.

The Team

COVIDx is being built an open source community of developers, designers, engineers, clinicians, epidemiologists, scientists, and researchers.

Brennen Hodge

Megan Janas

James Cunningham, Ph.D.

John Chamberlain

Brian Dixon, MD

Daniel Oh

Luke Pham

Jamil Sweis

Christian Bell

Huzaifa Ahmad

Drew Cortright

Deniz Ozkaynak

Peter Roth

Mike Raysor

Nabyl Bennouri

Jordy Williams

Jannie Li

Vanessa Chu

Roy Chowdhury

Lawrence Phillips

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