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Digital Assets

The root problems in healthcare revolve around one common denominator — money. Insurance companies take money from patients and give to doctors based on certain conditions. These entities are in place because they’re moving “dumb” money around. This negative description is only meant to imply that traditional money does nothing on its own. Numerous intermediaries are needed for it to exchange hands.

Now, we’re entering the age of smart, programmable money made possible by the invention of blockchain technology. With this invention, we can be smart about our healthcare transactions and code much of insurance’s role into the money itself, eliminating intermediaries that don’t provide value.

This technology is a paradigm shifter, that’s for sure. Especially with how we’re using it. The following four crypto assets will be used throughout our ecosystem along with traditional USD.

Medit (MDT)

We’ve invented a new form of money that is generated from the energy produced by you being active and pursuing a healthy life. Connect a wearable and start earning.

  • Incentive/rewards token
  • ERC-20 specs
  • User-generated supply
  • Used for health transactions

Medex (MDX)

This is a security token that represents a share in our company. MDX token holders can earn dividends from Medoplex transactions and also vote on the direction of Citizen Health.

  • Security token (one MDX = one share in Citizen Health)
  • ERC-20 specs
  • Polymath security token standard
  • Finite supply

Health Service Token (HST)

Credentialed physicians can tokenize their health services and offer them on Medoplex. These HSTs can be purchased directly without using insurance.

  • ERC-721 specs
  • Non-fungible token
  • Physician-created supply
  • Used in health transactions

Personal Health Asset (PHA)

Similar to the functions of a Health Savings Account, this unique asset holds MDT, MDX, and other cryptocurrencies. We believe this will be the future universal basic income account.

  • ERC-998 specs
  • Health investment account
  • Each human is gifted one PHA
  • PHA can store MDT & MDX