Medoplex will be the economic engine driving Citizen Health. It’s designed to be a 100% online transparent marketplace where healthcare “buyers” and healthcare “sellers” can connect & transact directly without the need of insurance intermediaries. Health services are represented as Health Service Tokens (HSTs), which are non-fungible tokens. HSTs can be purchased with both USD & Medit.

Imagine Amazon’s search, discovery, & eCommerce functions for surgeries, treatments, & doctor visits; eHarmony’s compatibility ratings for patient-physician compatibility based on genetics & health history; and Uber’s on-demand & efficient routing for coordinating the most cost-effective health service combinations — all in real-time, with no insurance companies getting in the way. This is Medoplex.

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How Medoplex Works

Transparent pricing, immediate payment, no insurance

For Patients

Step 1. Haven’t met your deductible yet or don’t have insurance and need an MRI or procedure? Search for available services based on your criteria (price, location, time, personal values, etc.)

Step 2. Purchase & schedule the service directly from the doctor or facility for 50-70% less than it would cost with insurance.

Step 3. Go to your appointment. Check-in on your phone and have all your forms already filled automatically.

For Doctors

Step 1. Tired of dealing with insurance? Offer your services in cash prices and get paid directly & immediately from the patient.

Step 2. Offer your services to self-funded employers. Once again, receive payment immediately without insurance.

Step 3. Need to refer your patients to other doctors or services? Create your own referral network based on needs such as transparent pricing, quality, & location.

For Self-Funded Employers

Step 1. We analyze your medical claims data to show how we can save you money on healthcare expenditures.

Step 2. Contract with doctors, surgery centers, and imaging/labs to purchase services directly for a 30-50% overall savings.

Step 3. Create “Health as a Service” plans for employees with chronic conditions.

Health Service Tokens

Examples of health services found on Medoplex
Surgery Bundles
Imaging & Labs
Doctor Visits

Features of HSTs

This is where the power of blockchain comes into reality. Cryptocurrencies are mostly “fungible” tokens. Now, “non-fungible” token standards are starting to enable entirely new possibilities. This allows for the creation of unique digital assets that can represent anything of value. We are applying this token standard to health services & products.

If you’re a doctor, think of all the CPT & DRG codes you bill insurance for after you see a patient. Now imagine your services are represented as HSTs and are available to be purchased directly by patients or employers. This means no more insurance billing headache. Get paid immediately as the patient leaves the facility, Uber-style.

Buyers can purchase in bulk, over time, across locations.

If you are a large self-funded employer, you can now find & buy health services for your employees in bulk and pay using creative methods. Without insurance, the whole world is your “network.”

Can be based on personal values physicians choose to disclose.

Imagine the option to chose the doctor to deliver your baby. You can search by price, age, gender, religion, personal philosophies, and/or specific experience with your baby’s genetics.

Can represent scheduled time slots (MRI, diagnostics, labs, etc.).

Just like airlines & hotels offer deals at the last minute for unbooked resources, we offer the same for medical services. Think of this as “Just in Time” medical delivery.

Can represent complex episodes of care from multiple providers.

Imagine buying a complete knee surgery with the imaging, surgeon, facility, anesthesia, physical therapy, medication, and medical equipment costs all combined into one simple price.

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