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Brennen Hodge
[email protected]

What Netflix did to Blockbuster, Citizen Health is doing to health insurance companies.

Using blockchain, AI, and the power of the crowd, we’ve developed a decentralized model for a universal health care system that’s owned and controlled by the people – not governments or corporations. Our peer-to-peer framework makes the traditional insurance model obsolete and removes unnecessary intermediaries from the healthcare equation.

We connect patients directly to health providers via a new model we’ve created called “Health as a Service,” which is like Netflix/Amazon for health based on a person’s genetics, microbiomics, health records & data.
Our first app, called Humantiv, rewards people with Medit (our cryptocurrency), for doing healthy things. Our Proof of Health algorithm quantifies health outcomes and incentives people to pursue healthy lifestyles. Humantiv is core to our economic framework.

Brennen Hodge
Founder & CEO

Megan Janas
Co-founder & Digital Strategy

James Cunningham, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Blockchain Design

Nabyl Nennouri
Co-founder, Software Architecture

John Chamberlain
Direct Care Design

Grace Cordovano, PhD
Ambassador, Patient Advocacy

Dr. Dan Lynch, DO
Advisor, Health

Benjamin Maisano
Advisor, Technology

Savva Kerdemelidis
Advisor, Legal & Crowdsourcing

Conner Gunn
Advisor, Employer Benefits

Dr. Grady Kaiser, DO, MS
Advisor, Health

Manfred Sternberg
General Counsel

Data Sources

We import data from 30+ sources to give our members a unified history of their health.

Earn Medit

We pay you to do healthy things. Go take a walk, take the stairs, get some sleep — get rewarded for pursuing health.

Personal Health Record

Own your data. Use your data. Profit from your data.

Health Journeys

We’ll guide you along your health journey of choice and optimize every step.

The Citizen Health Ecosystem

Medit Protocol

Humantiv OS

App Layer

Universal healthcare for the people, by the people.

The 4 main screens of Humantiv.