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The Problems

Are you frustrated with America’s healthcare system?

Expensive Insurance

Are you tired of constantly increasing health insurance premiums?

Corporate Bureaucracy

Do you want the freedom to practice medicine how you desire?

No Control

Do you feel powerless against the health insurance industry?

We feel your pain.

We understand what you’re going through because we’re in the same boat. That’s why we built the Citizen Health Community. Join your colleagues and let’s redesign healthcare together.

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A Better Way

We're redesigning healthcare
from the ground up.

Healthcare Cooperative

We’re building a better way to govern healthcare by putting patients & physicians in control.

Health Assurance

A member-owned health cost sharing platform that can save you 40-70% on healthcare expenses.

Health Operating System

A better way to coordinate the complexities of healthcare via an open source healthcare operating system.

How would you redesign healthcare?

What our members are saying...

Grace Cordovano, Ph.D.CEO of Enlightening Results

Patients and carepartners need to be involved in the design and creation of our healthcare of tomorrow.

Gayle Brekke, MBAHealth Services Researcher

Stop thinking about health care as different than other goods and services. Get the government out of the way, stop overusing insurance, restore the patient consumer to her/his proper role.

Pete WendelUX Manager, Walgreens

Fixing access to care and improving quality of care for mental health; finding ways to empower caregivers as individuals, family caregivers, and employees (not to mention sometimes also clinicians, nurses, doctors themselves).

Gabe Charbonneau, MDPracticing Family Physician

I want existing organizations to be accountable to physician (and care team) burnout in real-time in the same way they are accountable to other top priorities such as incentive programs that are directly tied to revenue. I want admin to have "skin in the game" so they think hard before adding even one more "click" to a doctor's plate.

Hannah LindsleyData Scientist

Opening up access to medical records to citizen scientists and data scientists to build learning models that outperform or augment professionals.

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